SBG for 2013-2014

As I mentioned in an earlier post, SBG in my classroom continues to evolve. I’ve been working on this year’s iteration and think I have it completed.  My main changes:

  • Students are required to reassess on any skill that is lower than a 70 before they are allowed to take the unit test.
  • I will be checking to make sure students have done additional learning before taking a reassessment – this avoids wasting their and my time.
  • I associated Bloom’s Levels (original) to the rubric.

Here is my new letter to parents and rubric.  Would love any feedback.

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3 thoughts on “SBG for 2013-2014

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  2. romathio Post author

    Thanks Jessica! I switched to this scale for exactly what you say, it seemed easier for parents & students to understand. I don’t have my Geometry Skills list yet. 😦 I keep creating on the fly.


  3. Jessica (algebrainiac1)

    You letter is very well stated. I am still doing a 0-4 scale, but I like the numbers you use. I think it makes more sense to parents and students. Do you have your Geometry skills list anywhere? I’m looking for helpful resources. 🙂



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