I currently teach HS students in Georgia.  My BA is in Bible & Theology with a minor in Youth Ministry, MA is in Education, Ed.S. is in Curriculum & Instruction, and I have both CA & GA teaching credentials in Single Subject Mathematics. I’m the only person in my family of origin with a college degree.  I’m married into a family of highly educated individuals.

I’m passionate about theology and education and will tend to blog on both.  Occasionally I’ll blog on family.  Things I’m interested in: SBG, mastery learning, cognition and learning, reformed theology, covenant theology, work/home balance, math, living out my faith, baseball, travel, my husband, my children & their spouses, my grandsons Rex & Jackson and granddaughter Elodie, math education, professional development, technology, anything Apple related, zumba, grading, assessment, wine, anything purple, color coding.

I’m a seminar & book junkie.  Sometimes Most of the time I think I’d be happy just going to classes and reading books, but never actually lesson planning.   I love teenagers. I love math. Hence, I teach math to teenagers.  I miss California. I hate grading. I love teaching. I was tempted to title my blog “what the eff?” I have brain damage from before I was born.  I’d live in Italy if I could.


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