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Finding a Church Home

One of the struggles we’ve had since moving to Atlanta 4 years ago is finding a church we can call home.  We have visited several in our community as well as some in Buckhead, Brookhaven, Midtown, Roswell, Alpharetta, Downtown Atlanta, and Decatur.  I thought moving to the South from California would make it easier to find a church home because there is such a higher percentage of church goers here.


One of the things I’ve discovered is that being a conservative Christian in California is not the same thing as being conservative Christian in Georgia.  What was conservative before moving is definitely moderate/liberal here.  Neither my husband nor I have a lot of patience for legalism and making faith more about judging others.  We lean towards a focus on the grace of Jesus, a grace that we are in need of daily.

I miss being a part of a local church community.  I miss fellowship, discipleship, and serving others.  Yet, I don’t think I fit at most churches here.  It’s weird feeling like I don’t fit or belong.  We have found one church we like and think we could fit in.  However, it’s 30 minutes away on a Sunday.  For those of you who don’t know Atlanta traffic, that means it would take at least an hour to go to the church for any type of mid-week involvement.  We live in Dunwoody, it’s in Decatur.  That isn’t part of our local community.  …sigh… I really didn’t think finding a church would be this difficult and makes me want to move.