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Geometry Idea for Inductive & Deductive Reasoning

We started Logic last week in my Geometry classes.  It’s everyone’s favorite topic. (big eye roll) Today we did the Law of Syllogism & Law of Detachment.  I’ve been teaching this mostly lecture style because I just haven’t come up with anything else.  My brain wasn’t getting how to go real world or hands on at all.  Obviously we’ve discussed the correlations to the legal world, but that’s about it.

Then today, driving home, it hit me! (Picture the heavens parting and light shining down on me.)  I saw a wall at an entrance to an apartment building that had been hit by a car.  I said out loud to our International Student, “Look at that wall.  The car must have hit it from the other direction because the flowers in front from this direction look perfect.  Hey, that’s inductive reasoning because I made a conclusion from an observation!”  And then I pulled out my iPhone and took a picture of the wall! Unfortunately the light turned green and I couldn’t get a picture of the other side, which proved that I was correct. 🙂

That got me thinking.  I did introduce the idea of football penalties in our discussion my lecturing of deductive reasoning (penalties are based on rules). What if I made a video about school rules?  So, tomorrow, my 1st Geom class of the day is going into the Dean of Students office and she will say to student #1, “You have 6 tardies. You have detention.”  She will say to student #2, “You have detention.”  I’ll video this to show to other class later.  Then, we can go back to class and play with Law of Detachment by comparing the school handbook and what happened in her office. Finally, we’ll walk around school and make observations of either inductive or deductive reasoning.

Thoughts?! Revisions?!